Digital health marketplace teams with leading insurance and industry innovators to immediately deploy telehealth solution to relieve current stress on workers’ compensation delivery system

PHILADELPHIA (April 14, 2020) – Transparent Health Marketplace, Inc. (THM), a transformative healthcare technology platform, today announced a collaborative telehealth effort together with industry leader, Kura MD, and supported by Anthem Workers’ Compensation to provide remote telehealth capabilities for Anthem contracted workers’ compensation providers in California.

Recent information confirms that now is a critical time to provide continuity of and access to workers’ compensation managed care, in which care delivery has been stressed in many parts of the country. Injured workers who desperately need access to physical health care are not getting it as rehabilitation providers are forced to limit services and/or close their doors. To solve this immediate problem, Anthem has teamed up with Kura MD Telehealth and THM to facilitate the delivery of virtual healthcare in this current environment. To ensure an efficient provider onboarding process, the combined virtual solution leverages the core technologies of the THM platform, that allow for a more efficient interaction between payors and providers and expedited access to workers’ compensation claims and payments, in order to facilitate rapid provider enrollment onto the platform.

California-based Anthem providers can access telehealth services now by visiting This telehealth solution comes at an opportune time when more patients are seeking care in alternative ways. Providers can deliver select healthcare services to injured workers through a secure, HIPAA compliant video conference on a smart phone, tablet or computer for authorized telehealth services.

“We built the Kura MD platform with the goal of providing immediate access to healthcare when and where it is needed, and during this COVID-19 crisis we, at Kura MD, believe that our telehealth platform provides a critical, safe, and efficient way to help injured workers or others needing medical treatment,” said Amy Purchase-Reid, CEO Kura MD. “The telehealth platform is designed to enable providers to operate as a virtual practice and provide care without patients having to leave their homes. Kura MD is therefore pleased to coordinate our efforts to provide a much needed, timely solution to this crisis.” 

This special program initially being unveiled in California is available to participating Anthem providers and offers basic workers’ compensation telehealth services free for a 90-day period from the time the provider completes their marketplace subscription. The free service period is being underwritten by the support of Kura MD and financially by THM.  Providers can select optional additional services at a nominal pre-negotiated cost. Together, Anthem Workers’ Compensation, Kura MD and THM have lowered the costs and barriers for workers’ compensation providers to access telehealth services.

Providers can learn more about telehealth services and register to enroll at

About Transparent Health Marketplace

Transparent Health Marketplace (THM) operates a digital marketplace connecting payors and providers of healthcare services in an open platform featuring market-driven pricing. Replacing outmoded network contract models with its innovative marketplace approach, THM allows providers to name their price and to be paid quickly with the exact amount they bid for contracts they are awarded. Combining marketplace dynamics with automated billing, payments and scheduling, THM delivers cost savings for payors, growth opportunities for providers and new efficiencies to the entire workers’ compensation industry. For more information, visit or email 

About Kura MD Telehealth

Founded in 2013 based in Roseville, CA, Kura MD is the industry leader offering a workers’ compensation telehealth platform designed to provide and manage treatment throughout the continuum of care. Our primary focus is delivering telehealth services to providers, employers, injured workers, occupational medicine clinics and payors. Kura MD also provides telehealth services to employers for non-work-related illness or injury. The Kura MD Virtual Medical Clinic is accessible by phone or online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and is OPEN 24/7/365.  For inquiries, email or visit our website at

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