The future of healthcare is
now Opyn

Beyond automation: technology infrastructure that makes it possible to shop, book, and pay for healthcare services

Transparent Health Marketplace (THM) is the technology Platform as a Service (PaaS) powering a new healthcare system that works for everyone.

THM goes beyond automation.

We combine the power of transparency and market-driven pricing with AI and intelligent system design to create a new healthtech ecosystem that flourishes!

Today, our solution is a reality in Workers’ Compensation for payors, providers, and injured workers. We’re leveraging that success as we expand and transform how we all experience healthcare—for the better.

Seamless interoperability that breaks down barriers.

Creating Value-Based Relationships Between Payors and Providers

In our current healthcare system, payors and providers have different and often conflicting goals.

Value-based relationship

Our platform replaces conflicting goals with transparency, choice and trust

Opyn Market creates value-based relationships by bringing payors and providers together with complete transparency and without costly intermediaries.

Here’s how it works:


Provider A responds to the patient’s service request and is selected based on price, availability, and location that best fit patient needs and payor parameters.


Provider A completes and confirms medical services and is quickly paid by Payor B through the Marketplace at the requested rate, building trust between them.


Payor B knows how quickly Provider A responded to the request and completed the services and can make the provider preferred status, building trust between them.

When the healthcare system is transparent, everyone wins!

We are solving one of healthcare’s most critical problems: lack of transparency.

Opyn Market provides full visibility into everything from pricing and scheduling to overall performance and quality, which empowers patients, providers, and payors to make fully informed healthcare decisions.

Transparency combined with Opyn Market’s automated scheduling, billing, and payment services enable significant increase in speed to care, which allows patients to receive care faster and recover sooner.



With Opyn Market, you enjoy both savings and improved outcomes:

  • Increased speed to care
  • Clean claim streamlined billing and payment
  • Eliminating costly intermediaries
  • Actionable insights from real-time analytics
  • Ability to configure your provider selection and reimbursement criteria
  • Full integration with existing systems


Opyn Market empowers you to grow your business:

  • An expanding channel of new patients
  • Opportunities to consistently increase your revenue
  • Advanced EOB/EOR billing and payment within the platform
  • Actionable insights that drive your business optimization
  • Full integration with existing systems


Opyn Market allows you to shop, book, and pay for healthcare services the way you do in any other industry:

  • Know your out-of-pocket cost before your appointment
  • Receive provider offers for appointments within hours, without multiple phone calls or online searches
  • Choose between provider offers and schedule the appointment that works best for you