The Golden Plunger Award

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The Golden Plunger Award

By Transparent Health Marketplace

The Golden Plunger Award

Here at Transparent Health Marketplace, the recognition of team collaboration is embedded in our culture. That’s why we created a fun way to shine a light on individuals who embody our team values with… the Golden Plunger award!

The Golden Plunger has a history tied to a real (and quite funny) office emergency. But as a symbolic award, it celebrates those team members who keep the business flowing.

The plunger is awarded during our monthly town hall and ceremoniously transitioned to the next awardee to be placed visibly at their workstation. Just another way we can recognize and celebrate the great work we are doing in pursuit of our collective goals.

The award recipient is nominated and voted on by their peers, on a monthly basis to recognize a team member who: 

· Goes above and beyond on a consistent basis to solve problems 

· Maintains a positive attitude and willingness to “get it done” 

· Exhibits ethical and considerate decisions in achieving goals 

· Overachieves on a defined goal or deadline 

· Saves an employee from certain peril 

· Brings donuts on a regular basis 

While those last two may be a stretch, that’s just part of the fun that we like to have with this award! In all seriousness, at THM we are committed to building a team culture that is inclusive and dependable on each other. This prestigious award represents a shining example that is just a small part of building that culture and sharing recognition where recognition is due.



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