A transformative marketplace built to grow and streamline your practice.

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Welcome to the future of healthcare – one built on a new marketplace model designed to serve providers like you.

Using technologies and business models that have transformed the travel, finance and other industries, Transparent Health Marketplace removes redundant layers and automates transactions so more of each dollar can go toward providing care.

The first platform of its kind, THM connects providers directly with payors in an open and transparent marketplace, giving you the tools to optimize your resources and earn more for your services. With access to more payors, automated scheduling and elimination of invoicing our streamlined process helps you earn more, reduce workload and get paid faster.


It costs nothing to join THM. Sign up now to become part of the industry’s only open and automated marketplace. Doing so will give you turnkey access to new patients and payor relationships, help utilize more of your capacity and reduce the administrative burden around getting paid – so you can focus on what you do best: treating the individuals who need your care.


Access new referrals from the industry’s largest payors.

Bid on healthcare services

Name Your Price

Set competitive standing prices and actively bid on claims for which you are eligible – you control the price and how you are presented in the platform, creating an exciting new way to win new business and showcase your strengths.

Unused capacity for healthcare providers can now be filled

Fill Your Calendar

Turn unused capacity into incremental revenue. Fill more of your open appointments with automated scheduling and move excess inventory with greater efficiency, freeing you up to deliver great results.

Name your price and get paid

Simplified Billing

Our automated billing and payment system automates the entire process, from initial referral through to electronic payments, all directly from THM, who acts as the payor in the marketplace model.

THM provides additional revenue streams

Grow Revenue

Access additional opportunities from a channel comprised of the industry’s largest payors, with the confidence of knowing what you bid is exactly what you’ll be paid – no retrospective price adjustments.


Provider FAQ

Transparent Health Marketplace is a technology platform that connects workers’ compensation payers and medical providers/suppliers through an open, automated and transparent marketplace. As a provider, you will be invited to access our web-based tools to identify and bid on new patient referrals from multiple payer sources in real-time. The THM platform is integrated directly into payers’ management systems, creating a direct connection for you to grow your practice.

The THM platform offers multiple ways for providers to earn new referrals, including:

Real-time Bidding – As adjustors list requests for proposals for the services they need fulfilled for their injured workers, qualified providers are selected based on their services offered and proximity to the injured worker. As a provider, you will have an opportunity to respond with your best price offering to be awarded the referral.

Direct Purchase – When you set up your account, you can establish a “Buy it Now” price which payers can select immediately to purchase your services if they meet the needs of their injured worker. This is especially beneficial if the provider is preferred by the patient and the requestor is looking for the fastest option to procure treatment(s).

Search – You can search for opportunities to submit additional price proposals. This approach is beneficial for providers who wish to fill excess capacity. For example, if a patient cancels a service, now you can search for opportunities to replace that opening with another revenue opportunity.

As a provider, you will have access to multiple carriers, TPAs and employers representing billions in annual claims revenue. No longer will you need to maintain multiple relationships to gain the same level of connection to new patients. As we add more payors, you will have immediate access to their claims with no additional effort required.

There is no cost to join THM or to utilize our platform.

Any service referral facilitated through our platform is paid for by THM, saving you the administrative burden of dealing with multiple payers.

THM offers EFT or PayPal to deliver payment to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Alternatively, THM can issue check payments upon request. THM strives to issue payments faster and more consistently than any other payer organization in workers’ compensation and we will always pay within the state jurisdictional guidelines. All payments include an explanation of the reimbursement amount.

THM has no long-term fixed pricing contracts for any services. Each individual referral establishes its own spot price contract based on the amount you bid, or your “Buy it Now” price. The reimbursement amount for any individual referral has no influence on any other referrals you may be awarded.

Yes, today THM exclusively serves the workers’ compensation industry. In the future, we plan to extend our platform into group health to allow patients to purchase medical services directly.