A healthcare evolution powered by transparency

We’ve combined the power of transparency, intelligent system design, and the dynamics of a marketplace to create a model that improves the world of healthcare.


We started with the outcome we want where quality healthcare becomes affordable for everyone and re-engineered the entire process.


We used an intelligent design approach to develop our Opyn Market, automating communication, billing and payment to eliminate costly intermediary steps.


We added market-driven pricing where invitations are sent via text or email to providers. They submit their availability and price – no contract negotiations needed.


And, we made everything transparent including Opyn Insights, our real-time analytics that help payors and providers better manage payments and optimize their business.

Opyn Market is the transparent way to experience and transact healthcare.

  • Our AI-driven technology Smart Matches patients with the right providers. Patients choose their preferred appointment option, providers maximize their calendars, and payors receive full process visibility.
  • THM acts as an impartial player in the Opyn Market, creating a fair, consistent, open platform driven by transparency. The platform’s easy-to-use interface and intuitive workflows eliminate unnecessary intermediary steps.
  • Opyn Market meets and exceeds privacy and security requirements to protect user and patient information.

Our Opyn Infinity Business Ecosystem

Opyn Infinity is our continuously expanding and dynamic business eco-system that surrounds our Opyn Market solution. Opyn Infinity consists of users and partners that interact with the eco-system.


Opyn Technology

Opyn AI

Opyn AI

Opyn AI represents our sophisticated and industry-leading use of intelligent design processes and machine-learning technology that continuously improve the user experiences and platform relevance across the entire healthcare industry.

Opyn 360

Opyn 360

Opyn 360 is a suite of individual information, analytics, communication, and transactional modules that interact with each other and are accessed and utilized by the respective users of Opyn Market: the provider, the payor, and the patients.