Save time, lower costs and drive better outcomes.

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Transparent Health Marketplace is the workers’ compensation industry’s fastest and easiest way to source thousands of quality healthcare providers.

THM gives insurance carriers, TPAs and employers access to market-driven pricing from an expanding marketplace of quality providers. We connect injured workers with the best possible care while assuring you will never overpay for ancillary healthcare services.

Our vendor management and claim submission tools integrate easily with your existing systems to make THM seamless with your workflow. Reduce time and workload by having access to all case documentation in one location. Now adjusters and nurse case managers can easily submit and document claims, comply with client requirements and compare quality outcomes and other benchmarks all in one easy-to-use interface.

Our marketplace technology removes expensive middlemen, automates costly manual processes and creates competitive pricing that can add millions of dollars to your bottom line.


Gain new operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Cost Savings

THM’s open marketplace model combines automation and market-driven pricing to create operational efficiencies and lower costs that go directly to your bottom line.

Custom Configuration

Configure THM according to your preferences, including the ability to select and prioritize providers based on soonest appointment time, price, distance and performance.

Adjuster Friendly

A simple, intuitive interface makes securing providers just one click away, reducing the administrative burden on adjusters, which saves time and increases operational efficiency.

Easy Implementation

THM makes accessing the marketplace fast and easy. Log in with a secure single sign-on connection integrated with your claim system.