Outcome improvement is a continuum, not a destination

Our Opyn Market platform uses market-driven pricing and intelligent system design to deliver you significant savings and improved outcomes. 

1. Accelerate speed to first appointment

2. Remove costly aggregator steps

3. Receive clean claim streamlined billing and payment

4. Configure your provider selection and reimbursement criteria

5. Get real-time, actionable insights

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The Opyn Market makes it easy

More Flexibility

More Flexibility

Integrating seamlessly with your existing systems, you can configure the Opyn Market to fit your specific needs.

Prioritize appointment selection based on soonest time, price, distance and provider preference.

No IT Investment

No IT Investment

With no IT technology integration required on your end, you can activate the Opyn Market in as little as two weeks.

We handle the tech so you can focus on what’s important.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Giving you access to dashboards with deep, real-time analytics and reporting, allows you to make faster, more informed decisions.

With full documentation, program and payment history, you’re always in the know.