THM Employee Spotlight: Matthew Holland, Revenue Operations Associate

Meet Matthew Holland, Revenue Operations Associate. Matthew is a Revenue Ops jedi who wields force-level skills when it comes to billing, pricing and payment matters. A valued team player and essential part of the THM family, Matt plans to continue expanding his knowledge and expertise while playing an integral part in THM’s ongoing growth [...]

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Is 2021 the Year Providers Fully Embrace Digital Tools?

Modern healthcare providers already face plenty of logistic hurdles running a practice, but this year introduced entirely new technical concerns to administering care and collecting on services rendered. Fortunately, more companies today are rapidly introducing new digital tools to help streamline accounting processes and minimize the time spent trying to close books – particularly [...]

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3 Tech Advances that Will Forever Change the Healthcare Industry

The development and implementation of innovative technology in workers’ compensation healthcare means leaning into a bold future and delivering marked change within an industry that has remained unchanged for too long. With the rising demand for advancement, there are now more sources of innovation competing at the forefront of building dynamic platforms and tech [...]

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments – Convenient, Confidential and Secure

It has never been easier or more advantageous for healthcare providers to utilize automated payment systems like EFT. While implementing new methods of payment may seem overwhelming, it is actually a very simple process that offers many benefits to you and your practice. What are EFT Payments? An electronic funds transfer (EFT) [...]

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Premium Reductions and Refunds A Major Concern for Insurers Amid Pandemic

As the healthcare industry continues to adjust to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a decrease in workers’ comp claims has been offset by increases in refunds and reduced premiums. Over the past six months, providers rushed to transition from in-person visits to telemedicine, payors worried about the costs of states passing new [...]

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Adapting to the New Normal: Digital Transformation in Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation providers are increasingly being asked to embrace new technologies in order to maintain standards of patient care in unpredictable times, and to leave outdated business models behind. The pandemic has forced a shift to digital practices in every industry, and workers’ compensation healthcare is no different. With health systems posting massive [...]

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