Transparent Health Marketplace (THM) is on a mission to make quality healthcare affordable for everyone

Imagine you want to take a trip and need to book a flight.

You go to your favorite travel site, select your destination, dates, and times, and book the flight. But what if you won’t know the cost of the flight until after you complete your trip? Would you want to do that?

Probably not. But that’s how healthcare operates today.

When looking for healthcare, patients are navigating non-transparent and often frustrating systems that don’t allow them to shop based on what’s important to them.

Providers often have to submit their bill more than once and chase their aging receivables.

Payors typically don’t have transparency or real-time insights into scheduling, payment, or quality of care.

We’re not just another platform or another marketplace. We’re powering an evolution to improve healthcare for everyone:

  • Where patients can once more trust our healthcare system and choose the best care at the best cost- with full transparency.
  • Where providers can increase their revenue and expect prompt payment – shifting their focus and time away from administrative tasks and toward their patients’ care.
  • Where payors can feel assured they’re making the optimal decision for both patients and their bottom line.
Woman with tablet
Woman with tablet

Compliance with the No Surprises Act (NSA)

Opyn Market’s real-time price transparency enables our payors and providers to meet the complete requirements of the new federal No Surprises Act before the end of 2022, well ahead of the final 2024 requirements.

Our solution delivers competitive advantages to our payors by allowing their health plan members, for the first time, to understand their cost of care up front and make more informed decisions.

You’ll hear a lot more from us as we expand our NSA solution.