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Healthcare in the United States is among the most expensive in the world, with the cost of services rising faster than most other goods and services.

The overall costs and increases largely stem from the administrative complexities, lack of transparency and non-competitive pricing inherent in the existing system. Many have tried to fix our healthcare system but have failed because their solutions were designed to fit within its current structure and rules.

We don’t fit into the current healthcare model, so we’ve created a better one.

Our approach was to start with the outcome we want to accomplish where quality healthcare becomes affordable for everyone. This led to the emergence of the transparent marketplace concept: a transformation in the way we shop, book and pay for workers’ compensation healthcare services and a radical shift in the way we experience healthcare.

We’re not just another platform or another marketplace. We’re a movement to change healthcare forever:

  • Where patients can once more trust our healthcare system and know they’re getting the best care at the best cost, as quickly as possible.
  • Where providers name their own price and are paid exactly that – shifting their focus and time away from administrative tasks and toward their patients’ care.
  • Where payors know what they will need to pay and that speed to care is optimized while administrative costs are minimized.
  • Where employers know they are providing their employees with the greatest possible care at the right price.
Woman with tablet
Woman with tablet

And by the way…

In the process of creating the Marketplace, we’ve figured out how to make our provider and payor users compliant with the new federal No Surprises Act.

You’ll hear a lot more from us as we roll out the Marketplace and we are super excited about working with everyone to make our movement and goals a reality – with affordable, quality healthcare that will benefit all.